The NSO Team of DAV National Service Officers provide extra special support to Chapter 78.  They work with our Chapter Service Officers (CSOs) to assist veterans with "service connected" claims and benefits and families with services and benefits.


The team includes Emanuel Guevara, Javier De La Torre (Chapter 78 NSO),  Don Reed (DAV NSO Mgr),  Elijah Thomas and Judy Russell.  We rely heavily on these people to help our Disabled Veterans.

Hearts Museum 2

Paul Davila, Commander and other DAV members at HEARTS Museum in Huntsville.


Chapter 78 provides on-site contact support for Disabled Veterans needing benefits claims assistance. Members are at the museum on multiple Tuesdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  

KC Basketball

Chapter 78 was honored by the Klein Collins High School senior class at a charity faculty basketball game.  The High School honored America with the Pledge of Allegience at the start of the game and with introductions.  


A generous donation from ticket sales was given to our Chapter.  Go Klein Collins TIGERS!

Baker Hughes Nov 12 2018

Chapter 78 has partnered with local businesses like Baker Hughes to provide resources for veteran employees.  Many veterans do not know who to contact with questions about their service connected disabilities.  Our team helps inform and assist them in understanding their benefits as well as applying for them.


We have had very positive results from these meetings.

Picture 88 POW MIA Table1

Golden Corral is a great supporter of DAV Chapter 78.  They host an annual dinner for all active and retired military at the  Conroe and Spring locations.


A special place setting honors  our POWs and MIAs  May they return home soon.


Golden Corral has a special place in the hearts of DAV Chapter 78.

Hot Rods of Texas Swap Meet October 2017 Humble car Show 2

We participate a Car Shows, Swap Meets in Conroe, Humble and other locations on a regular basis.


We get lots of interest and speak with lots of people.  


We also get help from our DAV Auxiliary.

NSO team